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Crate Motor

November 20, 2012

An absolute worst enemy to a 604 crate engine owner is the rule you have to run such a low pressure valve spring. With that being said its a MUST to check the valvetrain on these motors EVERY race. Always pull the valve covers off to make sure that there are no valve spring cups, valve springs, retainers, or keepers broke or damaged because these are the weak link in these motors. One quick and easy way to make sure nothing as changed drastically, is to get eye level with all the valve springs and make sure none look higher than each other when there fully closed. Routine maintenance will win you more races than anything. 

MSD Polarity

November 20, 2012

The question always comes up  "Which way do i hook up my MSD dist. to my MSD box?" If the ends have never been changed then you cant mess up because the connectors are indexed. But in the case where the ends have been changed, this is the correct way and sure fire way of knowing how it hooks up. Always the orange striped wire coming from the dist. is the + polarity. The violet wire on the box is the positive polarity, make sure these two colors are together.

Another tip, to keep the connectors together in a harsh enviroment such as a dirt track or even a drag car, we suggest zip tieing in between the wires and around like shown in the picture above. 

Distributor Cap Maintenance

November 20, 2012

Periodic checks of the carbon button in the dist. cap will keep your ignition firing properly. Over time the carbon will erode-causing arcing and loss of voltage. Also check the top metal strap on the rotter button to insure its in contact with the carbon button.

Radiator pressure caps

November 14, 2012

The higher the pressure that can be ran in the colling system, the more efficient it will cool.

Standard composition style head gaskets work with pressures under 30lbs

Carb Maintnence

November 14, 2012

Check for fuel leaks, Check float bowl bolts

Clean Carb and air bleeds with brake cleaner, Spray lube on butterfly shafts (outside)

Setting Valve Lash

November 13, 2012

Most cam lash settings are at operating temp.  Lash can be set at room temp. but the number will vary depending on type block and heads.

example: All aluminum 430CI cold lash will be around .005 lash but at operating temp. it could be .022

to adjust intake lash, rotate engine over till same cylinder exhaust valve is 1/2 open.

to adjust exhaust lash, rotate engine over till same cylinder intake valve is 1/2 closed.

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