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602-604 Crate


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NEW 604 Crate Certification

  • Complete tear down
  • C/C and verify all ports and chambers
  • Mill to min. Specs
  • Check deck and mill to min. Specs
  • Verify all parts
  • Hone with torque plate
  • Recon rods
  • Align hone block
  • Fit bearings
  • Verify Cam & Specs.
  • Certify oil pump
  • Certify lifters
  • New gaskets
  • Re-assemble
  • Ne-Smith Seals


Ignition Kit: Dist., Wires, Dist. Hold Down, Spark Plugs, Bronze Gear

Fuel System Kit: Spin Billet Fuel Pump, L/W Pushrod, Fuel Pump Adapter Plate

Water Pump and Pulley Kit: Low Drag W/P, 7MM Pulley Kit

Carb and Spacer Kit: Stealth L/W Carb, 1” Phenolic Flow Relaxer Spacer