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August 3rd at 411 Motor Speedway

August 8, 2013

The 23 team started out the weekend going to Boyd’s for there weekly event. Cory got lucky and drew the pole for the 1st heat and at the start of the race Hernandez got the early jump while Cory was pushing the issue, he wanted the spot back. Hernandez led for 8 laps and finally Cory got back around him and led the last 3 laps to win his heat race to earn him a spot on the pole for the feature. It was time for the 30 lap feature and getting to start beside Rex Ritchey and at the drop of the flag Rex checked out with Cory running 2nd and that’s where they ended up finishing.

Saturday a couple of customers rolled to 411 with Ross White, Cory Hedgecock and Brad Lowe debuting his brand new Warrior with one of our New Steel Head engines and Adam Engel which was his debut with his new steel head engine in the Street Stock division. After hot laps the teams made there adjustments and Cory sets fast time along with dropping the track record down from a 13.472 which was set by Josh Collins, to a 13.428! Brad Lowe qualifies 3rd and Ross qualifies 5th which put him starting on the pole of his heat, which later on winning in dominating fashion. Adam starting 2nd in the Street Stock Feature took the early lead with a nice lead, and led every single lap to grab his first win with our Eagle Racing Engine!! Congratulations to team 28!!

Feature time rolls around and at the start of the race its the 17 leading with Hedgecock and Lowe close behind, White was shoved back on the start.. After a caution involving some of the front running cars, Ross was able to grab his spot back running 5th, and made the pass to get to 4th and at the finish it was the 17 of Henderson, with Hedgecock (23), Lowe (16), and white (0) rounding up the top 4. So us at Eagle want to congratulate all the teams for running 2nd,3rd, and 4th with our engine combination. Thanks again!!

Wins,Wins,and more Wins!!!

June 12, 2013

The month of May and June has been more than great for the Eagle Racing Crew and other teams that run our motors. We started out mothers day weekend by getting a win in our personal stuff and the next 4 weeks sitting on the pole while getting another win and .007 away from breaking track records and running very well in the NeSmith race at 411 which will be finished August 24th along with another race being ran at 411! We finished Brad Lowe’s motor up a couple weeks ago and the first outing in new Thunder & Lighting car, he half tracks the field in his heat race and unfortunantly gets rained out but comes back the next weekend and does it again in style. We also got a crate motor done for a guy named Brad Baynes and his first outing decided to run the super race in Mississippi ¬†and qualified 10th and ran 10th and the next week finished 5th in a crate race. Matt Henderson got one of our crate engines also and first outing had some difficulty but made his way to 4th on his first race and went to the NeSmith race at 411 and after some ignition problems finally gotten straighten out for his heat and starting we think 10th he made it to 6th getting locked and starting on the last row of the feature but in 12 laps made it all the way to 11th!!! That race wil be the one finished on August 24th.. Eagle has a great couple of months, hope to continue this roll we have going with everyone!! We will keep you all updated!!!!


Special Pricing!

February 18, 2013

Call us here at Eagle for Special Pricing on "freshens" and NEW engines!!!!

Gearing up for 2013!!

January 15, 2013

Everyone is gearing up for the 2013 season on the drag racing side and the circle track side! If you have any questions on pricing or availibility then give us a call at 865 408 1000. We have anything you need chevorlet based, from street cars to full fledge drag racing and circle track racing! our specialty is drag racing and after our first year back in circle track, we are coming along very fast in that division. Stay tuned for our NEW crate motor parts and how you can get it to turn another 400-600 RPM's and actually be easier on it than turning it 6800-6900 bc of the valve train. We should have a kit ready to sell within the month. Good luck to everyone in the 2013 season, all stay safe, and do great!!

Testing on the Spin Tron!!

January 2, 2013

We were lucky enough to be able to make time and get the opportunity to go to Statesville,NC at CV Products and do some testing on there Spin Tron. We were able to learn a lot between crates, limiteds, and super late model engines on there valve train. We spent most of our time at CV working on the crate program trying to figure out how to make these engines better, safer, and make more power, and what we found out was astounding that such a little change could make the difference between wrecking the engine or making big power. Were going to be putting together a kit for crate engines that will offer the chance to make more power and stay a lot safer and wont hurt the engine by turning it 6800-6900 and it floating the valves horribly. With this kit though it will not be NeSmith legal but only legal in a limited class, and its still above the seals. On the Spin Tron with a LEGAL NeSmith engine and on our dyno, 6800 is the absolute most we need to turn these engines without wrecking the valve train. With this kit on the Spin Tron and our dyno we can turn this same motor that nothing below the seals were changed, 7300-7400 and NOT even started floating the valves, while a legal engine is in trouble by 6800. This kit will be for tracks like 411 Speedway and Atomic in the Limited class, and once again NOT be NeSmith legal. With being able to turn 7300-7400 you can run more gear and be able to come off the corner 400-600 rpm's higher and run with the bigger engines, restarts better and just all around better. This kit will be on the 23 car driven by Cory and will be ran at the "Sweetheart 60" at 411 Speedway and if all goes good then the kit will be available to anyone. We will keep everyone updated with how this goes!! The Limited and Super program we also did some testing on what we've been running and it seemed to be ok and happy on the Spin Tron, we tried a few things, helping it everytime and got a few more rpm's out of those engines as well. Once again just come come off the corner and it pull hard, hopefully with the Spin Tron testing and our dynoing these past few weeks will help our late model engine programs and we will continue to run up front. We'll let you know how it all goes!!

Chris Johnson Grabs Runner-Up at London 12-1-2012

December 3, 2012

Chris Johnson battled his way through the field to grab the runner-up title at London Dragway this past weekend on 12-1-2012

Congrats Chris!

Happy Thanksgiving

November 22, 2012

We would like to wish our customers, fans and followers a very Happy Thanksgiving. We appreciate each and every one of you. Without your support we wouldn’t exist!

Smokey Mountain Results

November 16, 2012

Good night at the Mountain. Justin Summers qualifies on the pole of crate race, Justin went on to finish 2nd in race. David Crabtree qualified 4th in Super with new 415 completed this week. In Limiteds Cory Qualified 4th and Bobby giffin 5th in race Cory would end up 4th and mack McCarter 6th and Bobby giffin 7th.

Travis Nelson got to the last 6 cars at the Million

November 16, 2012

Congrats to Travis Nelson got to the last 6 cars at the Million

NeSmith Certified Crate Engine Rebuilder

November 15, 2012

To All racers Eagle Racing Engines is a NeSmith Certified Crate Engine Rebuilder. Last year we had great success with our crate and limited engine programs. If we can be of service to your engine needs please call 865-408-1000, Mike, Chad and Cory.

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