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Big Chief/Pontiac New Valve Covers

December 13, 2012

Big Chief/Pontiac New Valve Covers

Billet Rails

3 Sets of them


$180.00 a set

Chad Welding A Manifold

December 12, 2012

Bert Transmission

November 27, 2012

(2) used Bert transmission for sale.

slip in yoke style.


$800.00 each

350 Chevorlet Steel Crank

November 21, 2012

(2) 350 Chevy steel cranks

.010/.010 under

Forging number is 1182



$350.00 each

Crate Motor

November 20, 2012

An absolute worst enemy to a 604 crate engine owner is the rule you have to run such a low pressure valve spring. With that being said its a MUST to check the valvetrain on these motors EVERY race. Always pull the valve covers off to make sure that there are no valve spring cups, valve springs, retainers, or keepers broke or damaged because these are the weak link in these motors. One quick and easy way to make sure nothing as changed drastically, is to get eye level with all the valve springs and make sure none look higher than each other when there fully closed. Routine maintenance will win you more races than anything. 

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